What to Choose to Get Cheap Kuta Hotels

Are you wondering of how to get a cheap Kuta hotel?

Kuta represents one of the Bali tourism areas which is located in the southwest of Bali. Kuta have been known as the tourism area since the birth of Bali tourist development. Kuta was used to be a fisherman village which has been magnetized to be totally different. Since all tourist come to Kuta beach which it has white sand, waves, and owns a beautiful sunset, Kuta gradually exposes itself to be one of the most favorite travel destination in Bali As one of the favorite Bali tourist destination, Kuta provides a number of accommodations spreading all over the area. Hotels stand along the beach, shopping centers, in night clubs like pub, bar, discotheque down to the lanes of local housing areas.

Various supporting stuffs for tourism have been built in this area starting from entertainment centers, shopping, local art market, vehicle terminal, souvenir shops and the others. There are hundreds of hotels in Kuta and divided into several categories, starting from melati hotel (non star) up to star hotel with international classes. All those accommodations offer different prices from cheap hotels to expensive ones. They are all influenced by facilities and services given by each hotel.

Generally, cheap Kuta hotels are considered in the form of inn, lodging, cheap hotel, cottage up to three star hotel. The majority of the locations is a bit far from the Kuta beach but it is reachable to the beach on foot. All of these hotels generally give standard facilities like the rest in Bali. For example, Air conditioned rooms, an inside bathroom and so on.

Here are several choices of cheap Kuta hotels:

Melati Class – Cheap Kuta Hotels:

1. Legian Village Hotel
2. Grand Sinar Indah Beach Cottage
3. Hotel Karthi
4. Hotel Maharani 2
5. Taman Ayu Legian Hotel

Prices vary from USD $ 25 – USD $50 per day

Star One Hotel – Cheap Kuta Hotels

1. Restu Bali Hotel
2. Mathari Bungalow
3. Rosani Hotel
4. Fourteen Roses Hotel
5. The Harmony Legian Hotel

Prices vary from USD $35 – USD $ 125 per day

Star Two Hotel – Cheap Kuta Hotels

1. Palm Beach International Hotel
2. Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel
3. Aneka Beach Hotel
4. Casa Padma Suites
5. Nathan Hotel

Prices vary from USD $40 – USD $ 160 per day

I hope you can get a general idea from this short review of how to choose a cheap Kuta hotel to stay while you travel around Kuta Bali.

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